Formerly known as Rain, SWANI is a unique and innovative urban boutique spa for women, seamlessly blending a trendy and hip beauty and wellness hot spot with an inviting, relaxing and professional spa atmosphere. Offering guests a reprieve and a refreshing break from the heated stresses of city life, SWANI paves the way to a new and exciting day spa experience through an unparalleled level of personalised customer service, a full range of natural and organic products and treatments, a membership too good to pass up and a social calendar that has something just for you.


SWANI offers a monthly membership package that allows you to make our “this is the best massage I’ve ever had” massages a part of your regular wellness routine. It comes with added discounts and benefits. Click on the “Become a Member” tab to find out more.


Green is totally your colour!

We all know the benefits of eating organic foods. Well, why stop there? Skin is our body’s largest organ, and what we put on our skin often ends up in our blood stream – just like what we eat. In effect, healthy skin depends on what we feed our body – inside and out.

It is no surprise then that there is a rising push for organic skin care around the globe. It is time we took a look at what we’re putting on our skin and the effects our products have on our bodies as well as the environment.

It is in this light that SWANI allows you to have a completely green experience. All products used in our facial and body treatments and sold in our retail boutique are either, natural or organic – friendly to your body and friendly to the environment. Spa-ing and shopping have never been so easy on your conscience!