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Swani is in Phase II of the Zone @ Rosebank and is located on the first floor between Tashas and Motherland Coffee Company along the main courtyard. The easiest way to reach us is to enter the parking located on Cradock Avenue.

If you find a spot on P2 level (painted purple), take the elevator all the way up to floor 1.
If you park on P1 level (painted orange) then you will take the escalator up to the ground floor (you’ll see Aldos ahead of you and Forever New to your right). Then take the second set of escalators up to floor one.

Once you are on the first floor head toward the glass doors (Cofi will be on your left hand side). Walk over the bridge straight into the office block. Buzz the intercom and we’ll let you right in.

If you park anywhere other than P1 or P2 find your way to Motherland Coffee Company (just outside the Firs) and take the escalators up to the first floor which are directly opposite it.

The Zone is quite a complex place so if you get lost just give us a call and we’ll direct you to where you need to go.